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Kunshan Sanyou Xintian Electromechanical Technology Co. Ltd.
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Address: No. 155, Kang Zhuang Road, Zhou, Zhou, Kunshan
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Sanyou group Sanyou Xintian mechanical and Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in measuring instrument R & D, production, sales and technical services as one of the high-tech enterprises. Company headquarters is located in Maryland, a trading company in Hong Kong, and in Qingdao (Shandong Layton), Kunshan respectively to set up production base and Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai Sales Test Center (Sanyou Xintian mechanical and Electrical Technology Co., Ltd.). Professional production: CMM CMM (coordinate measuring machine), precision non-contact optical measuring instrument, digital projector, optical profilometer, profilometer, 3D laser scanning system, tool microscope. With advanced measurement software, core technology, and the integration of mechanical and electrical machinery. We not only provide the conventional measurement equipment, but also provide customers with the perfect measurement solution and the design and manufacture of the non - standard measurement equipment. Company attached to three coordinate measuring laboratory and coordinate training center detection (center, the introduction of high-end equipment TRIMOS 2D altimeter, tool, the measuring instrument). For businesses, schools and research institutions to provide 3D measurement, alignment, coordinate training and other services.
According to the characteristics of the users and the actual use for the introduction of the planning, equipment configuration and equipment according to the equipment, personnel education and other pre-sale, sale and a dragon service, for users to provide first-class equipment and high-quality service. The company sells precision testing equipment for the detection of manufacturing industry to provide high standards of quality assurance, in improving the product processing quality, efficiency, reduce costs achieved good results.
Series of products widely used in mould manufacturing, automobile industry, precision machinery, aerospace, defense industry, PCB circuit board, electronics manufacturing industry and scientific research institutes, universities and colleges, measurement mechanism and enterprise product tube testing room. The goal is to "China Sanyou modern manufacturing industry of professional service providers".
Company purpose: credibility first, quality first, service first!...[more]
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